Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

A front/rear image of the vehicle including the number plate will be taken.
The OCR software is automatically reading the letters and the numerics of the number plate and is displaying the information incl. the picture on the user´s interface.

Overview cameras

There is the possibility for the integration of additional cameras to the SecuScan® system to display e.g. a picture of the front/rear, the top and/or the side of the vehicle.

Connection to existing barriers

The SecuScan® system can trigger e.g. barriers, bollards and road blocker/rising steps thru a dry contact to open them automatically after the successful control of the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Control and management of multiple SecuScan® systems thru a central workstation


Possibility of a centralized use of multiple SecuScan® systems thru a central workstation.

Integration of a central database for multiple SecuScan® systems

Connection of multiple SecuScan® systems to a central database. In this case all SecuScan® systems have access to all entries in the central database independently at which entry the picture of the undercarriage has been taken.

Integration and display of further information of external databases

Additional information from external databases e.g. information about the driver and/or the vehicle can be imported and displayed with the SecuScan® system.