International Security Expo (ISE) is the only flagship event bringing Government, Industry, Academia and the entire end-user community in charge of regulation & procurement together under one roof to debate current challenges and to source the latest security technologies and services.

SecuScan® UVIS as mobile or permanent solution

SecuScan® was exhibting the latest innovations. Our SecuScan® UVIS is available as mobile (with Rubber Pads or Aluminium Ramps) and permanent solution (with Heavy Duty Cover or Guiding Axles) . We offer also a semi permanent solution. The SecuScan® Rubber Pad System can be used as mobile solution or also be bolted down on the road surface and used as permanent installation. All solutions are creating high resolution color images. They are used for high professional entrance controls at events, airports, military and civilian facilities, embassies, nuclear power plants, prisons, border crossings, parking garages, hotels, industrial complexes, stadiums and etc..

On the ISE 2018 we were showing our visitors a demo of our system. The response was overwhelming

We want to take this opportunity to thank all visitors.