SecuScan® – The Under Vehicle Inspection System

SecuScan® is part of the German advanced-technology company KTG GmbH which was founded in 2001 in Munich. The company develops customer-specific solutions for under vehicle inspection to support the detection of IEDs (= Improvised Explosive Devices) and other hidden objects, such as explosives, drugs and contrabands.

With its highly efficient scanning technology SecuScan® supports the fast and uncomplicated detection of dangerous objects at the undercarriage of the vehicles.
Unlike conventional underside control methods, such as inspection wells or mirrors, SecuScan® enables effective safety inspections without slowing down the traffic flow at checkpoints. As the innovation leader SecuScan® today is used successfully in almost 50 countries worldwide.

SecuScan® systems act as security line at gates of industrial facilities, military camps, government buildings, border crossings, airports, seeports, stadiums, hotels, car parks, prisons etc.