SecuScan® Product Overview

SecuScan® as a Permanent System

SecuScan® as permanent system is available with guiding axels or heavy duty cover.  With the high quality stainless-steel heavy duty cover, the SecuScan® Under Vehicle Inspection System is ideal as permanent installation. The heavy duty housing offers the best possible protection for the technology inside.

  • Used for sophisticated safety inspections in connection with a comprehensive access control system
  • Easy to install – mounts into the road surface with little constructional effort

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SecuScan® as a Mobile System

The SecuScan® Under Vehicle Inspection System as mobile version is ideal for rentals, special events, pilots and demos. It is available with two different kinds of ramps: The SecuScan® system with rubber pads is simple to install. The solid rubber pads can be bolted to the road surface for semi-permanent installation. The SecuScan® system with aluminum ramps is even easier to install. The aluminum ramps are light and easy to carry for rapid deployment and ideal for special events:

  • For flexible safety controls at changing inspection sites
  • Fast assembly, fast disassembly and uncomplicated transport
  • For all vehicle weight classes and track widths
  • Available with light aluminum ramps or very robust rubber pads

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