The Under Vehicle Inspection System SecuScan® with its highly efficient scanning technology supports the fast and uncomplicated detection of hazardous objects (explosives, drugs and smuggled goods etc.) and hidden persons without delaying the traffic flow at checkpoints and without endangering the safety personnel by working outside a protected control station.

Due to the high-resolution control images, SecuScan® is also used today for the automated detection of safety and quality defects on vehicles.


As the innovation leader SecuScan® provides high resolution images of the undercarriage of scanned vehicles, which guarantees best security standards.

Full View Images

With its innovative technology SecuScan® displays the full undercarriage (incl. door sills / running boards) of scanned vehicles in one high resolution picture, which allows continuous zooming up to finest details.

Clear Color Images

For state-of-the-art security standards SecuScan® provides crystal clear color images, which today is vital to secure safety at any kind of gate.

Automatic Foreign Object Detection

SecuScan® provides automatic identification of foreign objects or modification to a vehicle´s undercarriage and highlights these changes to assist the guards for fast inspection. 

The Under Vehicle Monitoring System SecuScan® is available in several versions, both as a permanent installation and as a mobile system.

SecuScan® as a Permanent System

in the road surface

  • for sophisticated safety inspections
  • mounting into the road surface with little constructional effort
  • available with Heavy Duty Cover, as flush mount SecuScan® PRO system or with bolted down rubber pads

SecuScan® as a Mobile System

  • for flexible safety controls at changing inspection sites
  • fast assembly and disassembly as well as uncomplicated transport
  • for all vehicle weight classes and track widths

Example of Application

SecuScan® Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR)

The SecuScan® Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) decodes all kinds of vehicle plates with high speed and precision.

SecuScan® Driver Camera

SecuScan® provides different kinds of solutions to take an image of the driver.

SecuScan® Scene Camera

The integrated SecuScan® Scene Camera creates e.g. a top-view-photo of the vehicle while driving through the inspection area. With this solution the operator is able to check the roof of trucks and other vehicles for contrabands and unauthorized persons, which are trying to hide.


Successfully deployed in almost 50 countries worldwide

As the innovation leader SecuScan® is currently used successfully in almost 50 countries worldwide, from the extreme cold of Northern Europe to the extreme heat of the Middle East. Since 2001 SecuScan® supplies Under Vehicle Inspection Systems to distributors, system integrators and installers all over the world. SecuScan® systems are installed at facilities of a wide range of end users, which include many governmental, military and private organizations where high security measures are simply a must.

Latest News

SecuScan® at Intersec 2022 in Dubai, UAE

SecuScan® at Intersec 2022 in Dubai, UAE

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Meet SecuScan® at ISC West in Las Vegas, USA

Meet SecuScan® at ISC West in Las Vegas, USA

We proudly present our booth at ISC West, Las Vegas. Together with our partner we are exhibting our SecuScan® Under Vehicle Inspection System. Convince yourself of the imagequality and the zoom-in feature. We would be happy to meet you at booth 16137.

Facts & Figures

Headquarters: Munich, Germany
First installation: 2001, Government District, Berlin
Installations: In almost 50 countries worldwide