Permanent System

The SecuScan® as permanent system is available as flush mount installation or with Heavy Duty Cover. The high quality SecuScan® PRO flush mount housing is extremely robust and ideal for harsh environment. It scans outstanding high resolution color images with a wide angle to guarantee full scans of all types of vehicles (incl. door sills / running boards). The rubber pad system can also be used as permanent system. It has to be bolted down on the road surface.

SecuScan® Permanent System with Heavy Duty Cover

The SecuScan® Permanent System with Heavy Duty Cover is made for under vehicle inspection without the need of additional guidance for the driver.

Due to its rugged construction it can withstand the weight of big trucks. The complete system is made out of stainless steel and can be installed into the road surface with little constructional effort. The heavy duty cover installation is almost flush to the road surface.

The SecuScan®  ScanStation can be used as the operator terminal at the checkpoint.  It is available as tower housing or 19“ housing for rack mount installation.

SecuScan® PRO

The SecuScan® PRO is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the under vehicle inspection system market. It combines all advantages in one product to guarantee an efficient and professional security control. The SecuScan® PRO is flush mount and fully traversable. An optional cleaning system can be added.

SecuScan® Permanent System with Rubber Pads

The SecuScan® System with rubber pads can be used for easy road surface installation. Especially for temporary sites the rubber pad system can be installed and dismantled quickly. Due to its design the vehicles will get slowed-down in the inspection area. The rubber pads are extremely robust and can be installed in harsh environment.

The SecuScan® ScanStation is built into a shockproof housing and will be used as the operator terminal.