Security Solution for Access Controls

Inspecting the vehicle´s undercarriage can be challenging for security teams. Difficult to access, the undercarriage is an ideal spot for adversaries to hide IEDs (= Improvised Explosive Devices) and other dangerous objects, such as explosives, drugs and contrabands.

Mirrors provide only limited visibility as they show only a small part of the whole picture. This method is slow, ineffective and prone to human error.

With the automated Under Vehicle Inspection Scanner, SecuScan sets the standard for undercarriage inspections. The system captures high-resolution images as it scans passing vehicles, using advanced algorithms to detect and alert on anomalies in a matter of seconds.

SecuScan Systems support security teams with high-resolution images of vehicle´s undercarriages and keep the flow of traffic moving at checkpoints without compromising on their high security standards for inspection:

  • Protection of airports, military and civilian facilities, embassies, nuclear power plants, prisons, border crossings etc.
  • Access control at parking garages, hotels, industrial complexes or stadiums
  • Mobile Access control at sports- or other major events
  • Mobile vehicle control carried out by police or customs


Automotive Solution for Quality Controls

Due to the ultra-high-resolution color control images SecuScan® is also standard for the automated detection of safety and quality defects on vehicles:

The automotive sector is more than ever faced with the difficulty of balancing between speed and efficiency. Our system supports car rental companies, fleet managers, car maintenance services and used cars marketplaces with detecting and tracking defects on the undercarriage of cars.

If the under-vehicle inspection system is combined with several SecuScan® Scene Cameras, changes to the entire vehicle body can be recorded (360 degrees) and documented in one step. (SecuScan® Scene Camera)

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