The essential parts of the Under Vehicle Inspection System SecuScan® are:

  1. Scanning Unit
  2. ScanStation (Workstation)
  3. Start/Stop Sensor
  4. Traffic Light
  5. ANPR Camera (optional)
  6. Scene Camera (optional)

Depending on the system version the system is available with a stainless-steel construction (permanent system) or with ramps (mobile system).

Through a small slit in the scanning unit, the camera captures the entire underside of a vehicle as a high-re­solution color image.

In order to display the underside to scale, different heights of undercarriages (car/truck) as well as the vehicle length are taken into account.

The vehicles will be saved in the database with its license plate number which can be entered manually or by an optional ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) System.

The SecuScan® software provides the guards with all collected vehicle data on the control screen. Additional information can be entered manually. Zoom capabilities support the identification of details up to a size of 5 mm (0.2″). This facilitates the fast and efficient detection and analysis of suspicious objects. All the data collected or manually entered can be stored in a database under the vehicle license plate number. In case of recurring vehicles, the software provides the possibility to compare the current underside image with an already archived one of the same vehicle in order to identify changes within seconds. 


The SecuScan® system is equipped with an Automatic Foreign Object Detection Algorithm which is supporting the detection of explosives, weapons, contrabands, etc. The current scan is compared with a former scan and any differences found on the image will be highlighted to the operator in red.


  • System creates highest resolution images
  • Imaging in color
  • Automatic Foreign Object Detection
  • Continuous Zoom-In-Technology for inspection of finest details
  • View of full undercarriage (incl. door sills / running boards)
  • Network capability, e.g. for data exchange of networked systems
  • Easy integration via interfaces for customer specific solutions
  • Deployed in almost 50 countries worldwide under all climate conditions


Article from the Middle East Magazine 2020:

Is your Under Vehicle Scanner colorblind?

If your answer to this question is yes, you might have a serious lack of security.

As under vehicle scanning at gates of security-relevant areas is seen as standard for almost any person in charge for security, this technology today is deployed commonly when new-planning or re-fitting entrance situations. The systems are often combined with overview cameras and license plate recognition systems and therefore act as defense line which helps security personnel to protect sites effectively and in a sustainable way.

As most effective in this area act systems which generate color images, as all hidden objects on the undercarriage of vehicles are displayed clearly. Innovation leader in this field is the German advanced-technology company SecuScan®.  “If you use a system based on red-light or infrared LED technology, hidden objects in specific colors might not be visible. This creates a serious lack of security, which can be solved easily by using our state-of-the-art full color solution”, SecuScan® CEO Thomas Gindl explains.

One major problem of monochrome (b/w) Under Vehicle Scanning is that different colors may have the same grey scale value. Therefore dangerous objects like e.g. bombs or weapons might become invisible on parts of the undercarriage with the same grayscale value (as you clearly can see on the images above).

Monochrome (b/w) scanning in combination with red light or infrared illumination have definitely its legitimating for industrial quality control or also for other security products. Using this combination for Under Vehicle Scanning is definitely a big lack of security.

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SecuScan® Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR)

The SecuScan® Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) decodes all kinds of vehicle plates with high speed and precision.

SecuScan® Driver Camera

SecuScan® provides different kinds of solutions to take an image of the driver.

SecuScan® Scene Camera

The integrated SecuScan® Scene Camera creates e.g. a top-view-photo of the vehicle while driving through the inspection area. With this solution the operator is able to check the roof of trucks and other vehicles for contrabands and unauthorized persons, which are trying to hide.